Thursday, 18 October 2007

Schöne Grüße aus Hamburg

Hi all from the country of weird letters like ü,ö,ä,ß. My name is Nat, I'm 34 years old and I live with my American husband and our funny cat in Hamburg, Germany.

I have studied law for a while ;-) and I'm working as a paralegal in an office that mostly deals with refugees for humanitarian and political reasons. I scrapbook for 3 years now and it became a way to not only restore special moments and memories but also a way to give my feelings and emotions a creative voice.

My main focus in my work is on techniques - I love to incorporate all kinds of techniques- mostly with paint and other mediums in my work. I get often pretty messy - but I love it.

I love that Scrapbooking connects us across borders and gender and I can't wait to see all the different or maybe even same perspectives from around the world!

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