Sunday, 14 October 2007

Kellie's Bio

Hi there, I’m Kellie, born and raised in Beautiful British Columbia. I reside on Vancouver Island with my hubby of almost 13 years.
I have had many adventures in my life, such as going away to college, getting married, living overseas, all in which really taught me about life, and brought the creativity in me.

Actually have always been creative since I was a child, and would write short stories and poetry, make my own doll clothes, and act in plays and mimes.

I found scrap booking thru my older sister about 7 years ago, and really got more dedicated 5 years ago.
I love trying new techniques, whether it be to burn my paper (yes did this with only one major running to the washroom to put the paper fire out!)…painting, stitching, inking etc…

My style is ever changing. I don’t think I could stick with just one particular style, I am constantly trying new techniques, different ways to express my creativity.

I enjoy taking pictures and figure a, “good picture” is a key part of any layout. I write lots of my own poetry that goes into my work. I look at scrapbooking as my “art” and a great “creative outlet” as well being “great therapy” at times.

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Balou said...

I hadn't seen this until now! Congrats on the new site! What a great concept. Can't wait to see what you kids have in store for us (adding this to my bookmarks now).