Thursday, 10 January 2008

Winner of Challenge #3 is..............

Thanks so much for all your wonderful entries.
Unfortunately we can only pick one winner...........


Lilune, please email Francine at so you can get your prize from the "Scrapbook Takeout"
Congrats! :)

Thank you all for your participation!!!

***Note not sure when the next challenge will be up, sorry.
And apologize for the delay in announcing our winner.


Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Challenge #3...."The Holidays"

Happy Holidays all!
We're back with Challenge #3! It's all about the "holidays" this time around.
We want to hear how you celebrate, what your feelings are on the subject.
Maybe your not much of a holiday person, maybe you are, maybe you even celebrate differently.
Tell us about it! :)
We are giving you until the end of December to create a "holiday" layout.
Please be sure to leave a comment here with a link to where your layout or project is, so we can be sure to have a look at it.
A random winner will be picked and will get something from "Scrapbook Takeout". Which is our December sponsor!
Happy Holidays all and we look forward to seeing your creations! :)


~Embrace the HOLIDAY season~
(picture is that of my mother's angel. A friend made it for my mom and it's been on top of our tree for over 20 years! Just love her!)
Christmas to me is a time to spend with family. It's the one time of year where I really enjoy myself.
A feeling of peace, that all is right in the world.
Wish this feeling would last the whole year thru, not just for a season, but for a lifetime.
All the best Christmas wishes to your family and yours.
Merry Christmas! :)



Journaling says:
Memories: Champgen√©teux, its fireplace with trammel, the big banked, infringes on December 24th in the evening, foie gras, salmon, seafoods, frog's legs, ice-cold log, chocolates, glace chestnuts, a beef rib which cooked never, Saint-jean-de-luz, record temperature ( 15°C ), plastic christmas tree released every year (except the year of this photo), West Indian chocolate with Christophe, illuminations of the street, shop windows, cold, race in presents, long slings and eternal photo of the children to wish the happy New Year to our family...



Christmas back home is more than a day, it's a season. You can feel it in the air from early December. Everybody is talking about it, and holiday music is playing on the radio and in the stores. We’re all busy cleaning and fixing our homes up. New curtains, new furniture, even new appliances! We're mincing and soaking our fruit in wine, we're making sorrel, punch-a-creme and ginger beer; we're buying cases of soft drinks and beer; we're making sure we have wine, Harvey’s Bristol Cream and Bailey's Irish Cream. One day you get home and the whole house smells of baked ham with cloves, and you check the fridge to make sure you have Piccalilli. There's always some kind of party, you have your office party, your friend's office party, all kinds of activities to go to. Parang music!!! Not to mention Sparrow's version of "There's no place like home for the holidays", Red Plastic Bag's "Maisie" and The Merrymen's "Santa Got a Sunburn". Friends you haven't seen in ages drop by the house saying "Compliments of the Season!" because they have to taste your ham and cake. Finally you get your tree and set it up, close to the window of course so everyone can see it as they pass by. And one tradition particular to our house: Mummy coming home on the last day of school with gifts from all her students and us trying to convince her she can't open them till Christmas Day. It never worked of course! Then the cake is baked and you break out the sorrel and have it over crushed ice. By Christmas Eve everything is perfect, the gifts are under the tree, you’ve given cake to your friends and family - because everyone has to have an assortment to compare! You’ve also stocked up on Quality Street candies, After Eights and other treats. There’s a bowl of nuts on the coffee table with a nutcracker nearby. Maybe you head to midnight mass, maybe not, one thing is for sure, Santa Claus is on your mind! At some point in the night you might hear singing outside, most likely a group of merry gentlemen and they won’t go until the rum come! Christmas morning arrives, and on the breakfast menu is fresh baked bread with fried ham (with Piccalilli!), maybe some bakes and salt fish souse with cocoa tea. But that is only after the gifts are opened and we all thank each other. Then comes the big preparation for lunch. If the extended family is getting together it’s a bit easier since everyone pitches in and makes one or two dishes. On the menu: Stuffed turkey, more ham, stewed peas, macaroni pie, rice and peas, a big salad, sweet potato casserole, green beans…. No need to ask what’s for dessert – fruit cake of course! Then things calm down, depending on your age you play with new toys, read a book or spend time chatting. By the end of the day talk turns to the next big event: what are we doing for Old Years Night?

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

And the winner of Challenge #2

without further waiting we bring you our Challenge #2 winner.
Firstly thanks to you all of your submissions, they were all so wonderful and it was really hard to pick a winner, but we only have one prize.

The winner is.................


*Sylvia please email your address to Francine @scraphappyfran@yahoo.comso she can get you the, "Classy Coordinates" kit donated by her sister, Vernell. :)

The next challenge will be up shortly! Be sure to look for a slide show of all our Challenge #2 layouts soon!Thanks! :)

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Challenge #2, "Your Background"

Thanks so much for your participating in ~Global Perspectives~.
We are so excited to bring you our Second Challenge, "Your background".
You know where we're from and vice versa, now it's time to get to the "nitty gritty" and learn more about each other's background, whether it be all roses or thorns! ;)
You know how you grew up, what kind of family you grew up, what school you went to. Did you go to college. Did you go to church? etc.....that kind of background. :)
I think the Design Team did a totally amazing job with their projects, don't you?
You will have until December 2nd to link your, "Background" layouts to the blog and we will then be picking a random winner for the November Prize.
We look forward to seeing what you have to share with us!
(remember you can click on our layouts to see them up closer and to be able to read our journalling)

November's Challenge Prize
donated by Francine's sister Vernell, and is the September kit from "Classy Coordinates".
Thanks Vernell! :)



Topic: My background!
For this challenge (My background) I decide to create a layout featuring a little mini book. The mini book was created using a old vintage book cover and lots of ephemera and bits and pieces. The mini book is filled with 36 little pages about me at the age of 29! (I turn 30 in a few weeks). Which will be cool to look back on someday when I'm old!
The topics I used in my book and in this order:
I live, My Children, My man, My family, My pets, My best friend, My hobbies, Creature comforts, Clothes I love right now, Favorite places to go, My favourite item right now, Favourite ways to relax, My favourite foods, Things I hate, My favourite songs, books and movies right now, Things I couldn't live without, The best day I've had recently without spending money, My ideal self, My deams, My worries, Little facts about me, Secret stuff, I want to travel to, My career status, I am looking forward to, What do I regret? What do I want to achieve?, Things I wanna do in my life time, What I love about me, What I hate about me, A day in my life, Things that are happening in my life right now, and Who am I right now?





Monday, 12 November 2007

And the Winner of Challenge #1


made in Australia ;-)

Tania - please email me your addy to so I can send you the wonderful Dream Street Paper Collections.

We will post a slideshow of all the amazing layouts for the first challenge- they were all amazing!!! Stay tuned also for the second challenge on November 19th!