Sunday, 18 November 2007

Challenge #2, "Your Background"

Thanks so much for your participating in ~Global Perspectives~.
We are so excited to bring you our Second Challenge, "Your background".
You know where we're from and vice versa, now it's time to get to the "nitty gritty" and learn more about each other's background, whether it be all roses or thorns! ;)
You know how you grew up, what kind of family you grew up, what school you went to. Did you go to college. Did you go to church? etc.....that kind of background. :)
I think the Design Team did a totally amazing job with their projects, don't you?
You will have until December 2nd to link your, "Background" layouts to the blog and we will then be picking a random winner for the November Prize.
We look forward to seeing what you have to share with us!
(remember you can click on our layouts to see them up closer and to be able to read our journalling)

November's Challenge Prize
donated by Francine's sister Vernell, and is the September kit from "Classy Coordinates".
Thanks Vernell! :)



Topic: My background!
For this challenge (My background) I decide to create a layout featuring a little mini book. The mini book was created using a old vintage book cover and lots of ephemera and bits and pieces. The mini book is filled with 36 little pages about me at the age of 29! (I turn 30 in a few weeks). Which will be cool to look back on someday when I'm old!
The topics I used in my book and in this order:
I live, My Children, My man, My family, My pets, My best friend, My hobbies, Creature comforts, Clothes I love right now, Favorite places to go, My favourite item right now, Favourite ways to relax, My favourite foods, Things I hate, My favourite songs, books and movies right now, Things I couldn't live without, The best day I've had recently without spending money, My ideal self, My deams, My worries, Little facts about me, Secret stuff, I want to travel to, My career status, I am looking forward to, What do I regret? What do I want to achieve?, Things I wanna do in my life time, What I love about me, What I hate about me, A day in my life, Things that are happening in my life right now, and Who am I right now?






Daffie Online said...

great layouts again..and I love the topic for this challenge :-)

Nessa said...

what do you mean exactly by "your background"?

melanie, french girl, please help me to understand (in french please!!)

i don't want to misunderstand....


melanie said...

Nessa, si tu veux relever le challenge, il va falloir que tu parles de tes racines, ce qui t'a construit, ce qui est important pour toi en arrière plan dans ta vie. Je ne sais pas si tu saisis plus le sens qui est assez large (diversité qui se reflète sur les différentes pages ici). allez, on attend ta page!

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Awesome LO girls I love everyone's take on this ;D

Tania said...

You girls are awesome .. love this challenge and love your layouts!

Nessa said...

merci melanie, je vais tenter je pense

Anonymous said...

Very nice challenge!!
Do we have to write the journaling in english?
is french ok?

Sorry but did not understand where to post the layout when it will be time.
thanks To answer
Mélanie (Choupiesque)

Glenda Tkalac, Saskatchewan, Canada said...

This sounds like a great challenge and I love all your takes on this!

Nessa said...

here is my layout

so much fun ladies, thank you so much for this challenge


madeleine said...

amazing work, ladies and gentleman!

Anonymous said...

What's all this "girls" and "Ladies" on the blog. Let's not forget Josh people.

I got your back, Josh.


Josh said...

Thanks Karen for having my back! Hope to see a LO from ya!!! Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Maïna said...

Here is my participation for your challenge :

Sorry, I have not translate my journaling, because my english is very poor. Thanks for your understanding.


Maïna said...

Sorry, but my first link is not complete


Kellie said...

Maïna, wonderful layout! It's gorgeous! :)
Thanks so much for participating with us! :)

Glenda Tkalac, Canada said...

Loved this challenge guys, here is mine and I look forward to the next one!!

Silvitanova said...

Love this one!!!
( will be a difficult one to)

Francine said...

Melanie (Choupiesque)feel free to write your journaling in French! :) if you like the other Melanie or I can translate it for you. When ypu finish your page you can upload it to any online gallery and leave us a link in the comments.

Sylvia said...

Love what the DT did, especially the book, awesome!
Here is my take, it has a little more basic info on it:

gudrun said...

Loved the topic for this challenge. :)
My LO is here at my blog:

madeleine said...

my background

lyndon said...

Great challenge!
Here is my take:

Daffie Online said...

Got mine done :-)

Silvitanova said...

I'm to late... But I would like to share mine. thanks for the inspo!
PoL Polka (Half Polish).